Team Infinit Performance

About Us

INFINIT Nutrition is excited to announce the second year for Team INFINT Performance, an Endurance Racing Team that is open to endurance athletes of all kinds and calibers. Endurance events are widely known as an individual sport, but age group clubs and teams are becoming increasingly more popular with every passing year. Athletes of all ability levels are realizing that having a support system is a great way to stay motivated and ensure progression while training and competing in such demanding sports.


Team camaraderie is an important aspect of joining a team, so if you find yourself looking to others for guidance, motivation or support, then our team was created specifically with you in mind. Seeing fellow team members at events and on the race course can provide a great deal of motivation, and it can also help make competitions a more social and enjoyable environment for you and your support team.


In addition to creating an online community where team members can provide each other with training advice, inspiration, support, and encouragement, Team INFINIT Performance will work to bring athletes together through team gatherings all year long. Team gatherings will take place at popular races and events across the country and will provide Team INFINIT Performance athletes the opportunity to create long-lasting friendships while competing in the sports we love.


Athletes that are picked for the 2019 team do not need to be the fastest or most elite athletes, more importantly, Team INFINIT Performance athletes should exemplify the true spirit of an INFINIT Athlete. We're looking for athletes who are supportive, motivated, fun-loving, and positive.


Team INFINIT Performance was designed with triathletes in mind, but we welcome all different types of endurance athletes to apply.