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Past Races

04/15/2019 Boston Marathon
11/10/2018 Brown County Hilly10K

Felicia Heisler

Greenwood, Indiana

Post-Race DrinkRepair is my fav!

I’m a Captain in the United States Army and love to train and race Marathons and Triathlon (all distances.

My 2018 Race Year started with AG podium finishes from 1-3 place for Sprint and Olympic Distances. I ran the Hawaii 70.3 IM and placed 9th AG and 3rd for Hawaii’s resident AG snagging a slot for 2018 IronMan World Championship. A month later ran the Muncie 70.3 and placed 9th AG there as well. I finished my season with 2 place overall at the Purdue University Olympic Dis Triathlon just before completing my first full distance IronMan at the world championships in Kona just two weeks ago!

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