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05/11/2019 Ironman Gulfcoast 70.3
Race Recap
03/03/2019 Skyway 10k
01/20/2019 St. Pete Beach Classic Half Marathon

Pamela Lee


Main FocusTriathlon
Bucket List RaceChallenge Roth
Post-Race Drink1 Beer and Infinit Repair Chocolate...not together of course!
Off-Day ActivitySleeping

Originally from Springfield Illinois. About 2 years ago, I finally said I had enough of this cold weather and moved to St. Petersburg Florida. I have been involved in triathlon for about 5 years, prior to that I did OCR and cycled. I still occasionally do an OCR, but triathlon has my heart. Up until last year I strictly raced Sprint distance. My first Oly was this past summer and what a difference it makes jumping to that distance! I loved it though. I'm excited to get a few more under my belt before completing my first Half Ironman next spring.

Outside of the sport, I am a CPA for a nationwide Consulting firm. I have a passion for nutrition and longevity so you can mostly likely find me immersed in a book on one of those subjects in my free time. And I'll admit it...I'm a cat lady at heart.

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