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Upcoming Races

08/17/2019 Dino Trail Run: Southwest Way
08/03/2019 XTerra: Versailles
07/13/2019 XTerra Potato Creek
06/29/2019 Dino Trail Run: Muscatatuck
06/15/2019 Lumberjack 100
06/01/2019 Dino Trail Run: Brown County
04/27/2019 Big Frog 65 MTB
04/06/2019 DINO Trail Run: Eagle Creek
03/09/2019 Dino Trail Run: Mounds State Park
02/23/2019 Winter Trail Frosty Half

Past Races

11/22/2018 Wishbone 5K

Matt Rouse

Fishers , Indiana

Main FocusXterra Tris & Endurance Mountain Bike Races
Bucket List RaceAll of Them. I never take my health & ability to participate for granted!
Post-Race DrinkDiet Pepsi & a Summer Shandy
Off-Day ActivityAt a football game tailgating with friends & family

After playing stick & ball sports thru college, I started running & cycling to stay active. Soon, I realized I liked being dirty & turned to all things off road.

Now my sporting life consists of XTerra Tris, Trail Runs, & Endurance Mountain Bike races. Few things are better than loading up the RV for weekend of playing in the woods.

I’ve been an INFINIT user for years. Heat & humidity are my kryptonite. INFINIT has virtually eliminated my prior cramping issues & keeps me energized (even at the end of a100 mile mountain bike race)!

Excited to be representing INFINIT & spreading the gospel of a great product! ??

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