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07/28/2019 Ironman Lake Placid
06/22/2019 BSG: Blood, Sweat and Gears
06/02/2019 Ironman 70.3 Connecticut

Past Races

04/06/2019 AOTC: Assault on the Carolinas
10/21/2018 New Orleans 70.3 12
09/23/2018 IRONMAN 70.3 Atlantic City 33
08/25/2018 Lake Norman YMCA Triathlon 3
06/09/2018 AAA Car Care North Carolina Triathlon Series: Tri Latta Sprint 3
06/03/2018 IRONMAN 70.3 Raleigh 72
04/29/2018 Huntersville Sprint Triathlon 1
04/11/2018 CMS Time Trial Series: Race 1 1

Pete Walton

Cornelius, North Carolina

Main FocusTriathlons
Bucket List RaceIronman World Championship/Ironman 70.3 World Championship
Post-Race DrinkChocolate Milk
Off-Day ActivitySleep! Lol

I was a collegiate football/soccer player that still loves the competitive edge. I am lucky to be the father of 3 amazing kids (son/daughter twins and their little sister). I own an independent wealth management firm that helps pay the bills. I began triathlon in 2009 on a dare from a fellow graduate student and have been hooked since. My coach and friends all tell me if I want to see who the competition is, just look in the mirror. Its true. I have grown in this sport and love the outcome. It doesn't matter if you are aspiring to complete and Ironman distance race or a local sprint, all that matters is taking the first step...and then each step after that until you're across the finish line. That's how I have approached triathlon and it has taken me to places that I never thought possible.
Outside the physical challenge, triathlon is a sport filled with amazing stories, people who have been transformed and the promise to leave a mark on everyone who participates. I love the social aspect/collaboration, the camaraderie, the competition, the positive impact on others lives, the feeling of belonging to something bigger and the opportunity to be a role model.

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