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Past Races

09/10/2021 Tahoe 200
09/11/2020 Tahoe 200 Endurance
08/08/2020 UTE 100 Miler
02/08/2020 Lone Star 100k 2nd Female/ 7th Overall
10/18/2019 Tortugas Mountain 24 hour Race 1st female/ 3rd overall
08/09/2019 Ute 100 miler 15 female/ 67 overall
05/25/2019 Possums Revenge 69 miler 6 female/ 26 overall
04/27/2019 Zane Gray 18 female/ 75 overall
02/06/2019 The Franklins 200k 2nd female/ 3rd overall
10/27/2018 Javelina Jundred 22 female/103 overall
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Jessie Hewett

El Paso, Texas

Main FocusTrail Running
Bucket List RaceTahoe 200 miler, Bigfoot 200, Moab 240, Rocky Racoon 100 (for fastest time)
Off-Day Activitybiking and lifting

I am a long distance trail runner. I started running when my husband was deployed in 2012 and I decided I wanted to run a half marathon. Starting small and continued to build with completing distances ranging from 50k to 200k and plan to complete in my first 200 miler in the fall of 2020 (Update I did run 205 miles Sept 2020). My goal is to continue to push myself with new distances, terrains, places, and experiences. NEW goals an ultra every other month starting in Jan to possibly achieve the Triple Crown of 200s in 2021. Fingers crossed COVID goes away.