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Upcoming Races

06/27/2020 Indian Mud Run
07/25/2020 Spartan Indiana
08/22/2020 Spartan Super Nashville
08/23/2020 Spartan Sprint Nashville
08/29/2020 Spartan Beast West Virginia
08/30/2020 Spartan Race West Virginia
08/30/2020 Spartan Race West Virginia
09/12/2020 Spartan Super Michigan
09/13/2020 Spartan Sprint Michigan
09/19/2020 Highlander Assault OCR
10/03/2020 Spartan Beast Midwest
10/04/2020 Spartan Sprint Midwest
11/07/2020 Spartan Super Virginia
11/08/2020 Spartan Sprint Virginia
11/21/2020 Spartan Carolinas

Past Races

05/30/2020 Spartan Ultra Ohio
04/05/2020 Indiana Masters State Swimming Championship N/A
04/04/2020 Carmel Marathon & Half Marathon N/A
03/14/2020 Abominable Snow Race
Race Recap
02/29/2020 Viking Dash
Race Recap
18th OA, 3rd AG
01/11/2020 Winter Night Trail Half Marathon
Race Recap
8/30 AG 27/120 OA
12/14/2019 Last Chance Meet
Race Recap
1, 1, 1, 2, 2 OA

Mike Bennett


Main FocusObstacle Racing
Bucket List RaceIM New Zealand
Post-Race DrinkInfinit
Off-Day Activityfloating in the lake

Former 2 sport college athlete turned fat guy that decided that wasn't a lifestyle I wanted anymore, so I turned to triathlon, then trail running, then Masters swimming, then obstacle course racing, and now do all of those. I've got a long background in sports and was even a collegiate wrestling and strength coach at Washington and Lee University for a time, and am just now getting into a serious fitness groove. I'm just finishing up my best obstacle racing year ever with multiple top 5 AG finishes and a few top 10 overalls, and I plan to compete in significantly more next year and may hop into a triathlon or two. A 70.3 is always something I'm considering. I have a website/blog that I used to love running and writing, but my job changed and my life changed and I pushed it to the side for a while, but like that 70.3, getting back to it is something on my to-do list.

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