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Upcoming Races

04/18/2020 Double Blue Ridge Marathon
11/15/2020 Mercuryman Triathlon

Angelia Brossia

Lebanon, Ohio

Main FocusTriathlon
Bucket List RaceAn Ultra Marathon, Leadville, etc..
Post-Race DrinkIt has always been either Infinite, or Recoverite by Hammer Nutrition, or both

I am a single mom of two amazing children who follow in my footsteps with running etc... I work fulltime for Anthem and enjoy the outdoors year round. I was a triathlete for many years and was on team HFP Racing until major knee surgeries in Feb 2008 had other plans for me. I'm not fast like I used to be but I still love to run, bike, swim, and I race for fun and I do trail races etc... every year. When my running days end I will be focusing more on bike races. I am part of a club called megsmiles to support a dear athlete who was killed while running one sunday morning before church.

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