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05/28/2022 Hanson Hills 50
06/18/2022 Lumberjack 100
08/27/2022 To Hell and Back Gravel Race
11/05/2022 Iceman

Past Races

05/21/2022 Mohican MTB 100
11/06/2021 ICEMAN
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09/25/2021 Beaver Dash Bash 2
06/19/2021 Lumberjack 100
06/05/2021 Mohican MTB 100
05/29/2021 Hanson Hills 50
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Daniel Smith Jr

Brighton, Michigan

Main FocusMountain Biking
Bucket List RaceLeadville 100
Post-Race DrinkRepair Chocolate mixed with dark chocolate almond milk
Off-Day ActivityAnything with my family!

I am first and foremost a dad and husband...but a cool race dad that loves to be an example for my 9 year old son and foster his passion for cycling as well. Most folks that get to know me quickly find out that I have a "relentless positive attitude" regardless of the situation. I have found this goes a long way professionally and in endurance racing...especially when you hit a low point and begin to doubt yourself 80 miles in!

I love riding and racing and really enjoy the challenge of endurance mountain bike races which have become my primary focus for the last two years. I train as much as possible while still focusing on my son to ensure he continues learning, developing and most importantly having fun!

Near term, my goal is to complete 4 NUE races in a season while mixing in some endurance gravel races to mix things up a bit.