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Past Races

08/28/2021 Hoodoo 500
07/17/2021 Race Across Oregon
06/15/2021 Race Across the West
03/20/2021 Texas RAAM Challenge - Longhorn 500
Race Recap
10/02/2020 Natchez Trace 444 (RAAM Qualifier) 25h48m
08/28/2020 Hoodoo 500 DNF
06/16/2020 Race Across America DNS/Race Cancelled
03/28/2020 Texas RAAM Challenge 500 miles
Race Recap
DNS/Race Cancelled
11/01/2019 24 Hour Worlds 84/108
10/12/2019 No Country for Old Men - 1000 miles DNF
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Chris Davies

Boulder, Colorado

Main FocusRoad Cycling / Criterium
Bucket List RaceRace Across America
Post-Race DrinkRepair
Off-Day ActivityRides under 100 miles

Endurance cyclist focused on Race Across America 2022

In 2018 I planned to race the Race Across the West (RAW) with the intention of racing Race Across America (RAAM) in 2019. two weeks before while commuting home from work I crashed and broke my collarbone. This postponed RAAM, but made my first long race NCOM 1000 in October 2018. I was the only solo finisher of a race with brutal weather conditions. As most of my race schedule in 2018 was cancelled, I came back in 2019 attempting seven RAAM qualifiers and qualifying five times.

2020 brought with it a race DNF with me ending up in the hospital, a second race where I had medical issues and ultimately finishing the third race - cutting a little more than three hours off the prior year's time.

2021 will be a build year again - RAAM Challenge, Race Across the West, Race Across Oregon and Hoodoo 500, No Country for Old Men 1000 are all on the table.

This will set me up for 2022 RAAM to finish a longtime dream and I'll be fueling with Infinit (and cheeseburgers).