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Past Races

08/22/2021 Ironman Mont Tremblant
07/11/2021 Ironman 70.3 Musselman
06/06/2021 Dave's Race Olympic @ West Branch Ohio
05/15/2021 Cleveland 1/2 Marathon
03/06/2021 2021 Super Bull Trail Championships
11/22/2020 Regal Beagle Ultra 25k/50k
Race Recap
09/26/2020 SVTC Self-Built IM CHOO Replacement
Race Recap
07/18/2020 Lake Milton Covid Tri Self Built
Race Recap
07/11/2020 EPIC Swim Self-Built 2020
Race Recap

Neal Bayless


Main FocusTriathlon
Bucket List RaceIMMT
Post-Race Drink:Repair

I'm 45 years old and do nothing conventional. I just graduated cum laude with a degree in accounting and I'm studying for my CFP exam. I am currently a full time telecom engineer and have a side gig as an accountant for a small business. I've done a number of 1/2 IM and will do American Trple-T in the spring of 2021 along with Musselman sprint and 1/2 IM and Peasantman "Steel Distance 72.3" deferred from this year and may upgrade that to the "full". I'll do a number of others locally along with other trail/1/2 marathon/10k events. I am a member of the Pittsburgh Tri Club, the Cleveland Tri Club, and the Steel Valley Tri Club here in NE Ohio. I'm building my network this summer as I prepare for my new career as a CFP.