Team INFINIT Performance


El Paso, Texas

Main Focus
Bucket List RaceWestern States
Post-Race Drinkprotein shake
Off-Day Activitystretching

I am 39 years old and I have been recreational running all my life. About 5 years ago, I started running 5K races in my area to see how I fared against my fellow local runners. Surprisingly I had a podium finish in my age bracket for all my 14 races. I decided to push and go for 10k and realized that longer distances were better suit for my style and finished 3rd overall. That same year I started road cycling and found that I really enjoyed long distances and participated in two 100k races and two 100 milers. This year I learned a lot about cycling and aimed for a better second year with my performance. The next year I decided to run my first full marathon and my goal was to finish in sub 4 hours. I was told that for a rookie that was not a good time, but I still pressed on. I ended up finishing in 3:58 which was with in my goal. After the race I realized that long distances were my interest and jumped into trail races. I did my first 50k and got my butt kicked not only by the experienced runners but by the difficulty such distance presented. So I kept training and did my first 100k. I finished 6th overall, but realized I had found my ideal distance. That same year I also joined another 100 miler on bike and finished 25th in that race. Everything I was doing running and cycling seemed to be clicking and my results were proving that I was in the right direction. My last race was about 2 years ago which was a 50k here in the Franklin mountains. It was more of a learning experience because there were several Hoka One One athletes and it was awesome to see how they tackled the climbs and distances. I finished 26th in that race.

I say it was my last race because then lady luck struck me and injuries piled up because of how I was pushing my body. I got injuries and decided to push through only to find that they got worse from me doing so. My diet habits were awful so with the injuries and poor dieting caused me to gain weight and not being able to do what I love. I had my knee surgery to repair my meniscus at the beginning of May. Since then I have been doing my therapy and jumping rope to get back into shape. I have changed my diet and I am looking to healthier options. The day of my surgery I weighed in at 238 now I am 232 (which I am proud of). I am pushing again because my goal is to do a 100k race in November.

I am a father of 3 awesome kids and they are the reason I like pushing my body. I like showing them that they can achieve anything they set their mind to and in the words of the Speedgoat "a hundred miles ain't that far".