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Upcoming Races

04/13/2019 Barry Roubaix

Past Races

11/03/2018 Iceman Cometh Challenge 49/116 (men 50)
09/22/2018 Tour of Scenic Ogle County 3:40:54
09/09/2018 Farmondo 20th of 93 in 43 mile event
09/02/2018 Dust at Dusk - A Gravel Night Ride 50/150
05/06/2018 Illiniwek Abermination 8 (AG)
04/21/2018 Barry Roubaix 4:04:09
03/31/2018 Austin Rattler 100K DNF
11/04/2017 Iceman Cometh Challenge 61/109 (Men 49), 2100/4405 overall
06/24/2017 Lutsen 69er 137/227
11/05/2016 Iceman Cometh Challenge 2:17:38
04/16/2016 Barry-Roubaix (36 mile) 2:35:11
11/07/2015 Iceman Cometh Challenge 2:55 34
04/04/2015 Barry-Roubaix (36 mile) 3:02:17
11/08/2014 Iceman Cometh Challenge 4:47:19
03/22/2014 Barry-Roubaix (36 mile) 3:17:22
11/02/2013 Iceman Cometh Challenge 3:20:00
11/03/2012 Iceman Cometh Challenge 3:20:23

Rick Helfrich

Montgomery, Illinois

Main FocusCross-country mountain bike, gravel
Bucket List RaceLeadville 100
Post-Race DrinkRaw, or Repair chocolate
Off-Day ActivityFamily time

Following many years of a sedentary lifestyle, I was inspired to get back on a bike after reading a friend's Facebook post about finishing the Iceman Cometh Challenge mountain bike race in 2011. I knew I needed to get myself active again, and I had always loved cycling. Shortly after that, I spent countless hours riding long distance and singletrack trails preparing to race. At the young age of 42, I competed in my first race in April of 2012, a 9 mile singletrack race. I placed poorly as I could have expected, but I was hooked. That year I rode my first organized century (on a mountain, and my first Iceman. Since 2012, I've also begun racing and riding gravel and adventure events.

I love cycling, and I like to think of myself as an advocate for the sport. I realize I'm far from pro caliber, and have no delusions of reaching that level, but that won't stop me from enjoying my time on the bike and promoting a sport I've grown to love. I couldn't do what I do without support from my family, and they are thrilled to see me doing something that makes me happy and keeps me healthy.

I'm ecstatically married to my amazing wife of 21 years, and we have two teenage boys who keep us busy and entertained. We also have a 2.5 year old silver labrador retriever named Steel.

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