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10/26/2019 Goldilocks Vegas Women's Cycling Event
10/05/2019 Las Vegas Triathlon

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04/06/2019 Ironman Oceanside 70.3
03/23/2019 Laughlin/Runnercard Half Marathon
02/16/2019 Saints & Sinners 1/2 Marathon
10/20/2018 Goldilocks Vegas Women's Cycling Event
10/07/2018 Chicago Marathon
09/29/2018 Las Vegas Triathlon
07/08/2018 Rev3 Williamsburg Triathlon
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04/21/2018 BBSC Rage Triathlon- Las Vegas 6 (39 and under Athena)
03/10/2018 Labor of Love Marathon
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33 (1 in AG)
03/03/2018 Connie Davis 5k
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Stephanie Lueras

Laughlin, Nevada |

Main FocusRunning, cycling, triathlon
Bucket List RaceIronman (undecided which one), Javelina Jundred
Post-Race DrinkInfinit Repair or Nocturne mixed with chocolate milk and almond milk

I got into endurance sports as I've lost weight. When I was 435lbs, I couldn't walk to the end of the street and back without wanting to die, but as I started eating better and losing weight (205lbs down so far), I started moving more...walking further and further until I discovered I could run, and then it became how much further can I run? I have run several half marathons and two marathons (including Chicago 2018). I have also started cycling, completed my first cycling event and will be doing my first century in 2018 as well. The triathlon bug has bit and I completed my first oly in July 2018 too, and several shorter tri, and will be completing Oceanside 70.3 in April 2019 and another 70.3 later in the year (with my ultimate goal being Ironman in 2020!!!). Married to a wonderful man for almost ten years and we are pastors (officers) with The Salvation Army.

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