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10/12/2019 The Dam Tri

Past Races

08/11/2019 Andy's Race
07/28/2019 Toughman
07/27/2019 Clemson
05/25/2019 Lake Murray
Race Recap
4/10 Masters Open Male, 17/131 overall male
05/19/2019 IRONMAN 70.3 Chattanooga
Race Recap
27th of 136 AG
04/13/2019 Tri The Midlands
Race Recap
2/2 Masters Open Male, 20/86 overall men
03/09/2019 Parris Island
Race Recap
3/10 Masters Open Male, 35/195 overall male
10/13/2018 AAA Car Care South Carolina Triathlon Series: The Dam Tri - Sprinternational
Race Recap
5/9 Masters Open Male, 20/145 overall male
09/29/2018 Toughman South Carolina
Race Recap
1/3 Masters Open Male, 5/34 overall male
08/12/2018 Greenville Triathlon
Race Recap
5/5 Masters Open Male, 16/120 overall men
06/23/2018 Tri The Swamp Rabbit at Furman
Race Recap
5/7 Masters Open Male, 19/159 overall men
06/02/2018 Middle Tyger YMCA Triathlon
Race Recap
5/9 Masters Open Male, 14/119 overall men
05/19/2018 Mountains to Main Street
Race Recap
2/2 Masters Open Male, 20/81 overall male
05/12/2018 Lake Murray Triathlon 6/8 Masters Open Male, 18th overall men
04/14/2018 Tri The Midlands Triathlon 6/8 in Masters Open Male, 15/92 overall men
03/10/2018 Parris Island Sprint Triathlon
Race Recap
4/7 Masters Open Male, 27/198 overall male

Doug Lennon

29210, South Carolina

Bucket List RaceIronman World Championship
Post-Race DrinkNothing in particular, whatever they have to offer

I'm an electrical engineer and have been participating in triathlon for about 15 years. I am fairly competitive in my age group in my area.

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