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11/18/2018 IRONMAN Arizona
08/25/2018 Anthem Sprint Triathlon
08/19/2018 Mountain Man Triathlon
07/15/2018 Mountain Man Triathlon
05/05/2018 Whiskey Row 10K
04/29/2018 Cactus Man Triathlon
04/14/2018 San Diego Beach and Bay 8K
04/07/2018 Rugged Maniac 5k
03/31/2018 Donut Judge Me 5k
03/17/2018 The Tri For The Cure AZ
02/11/2018 The Power of She 5K
Race Recap

Brigette Brown

Gilbert, Arizona

Bucket List RaceNot really a particular race at this point. My pursuit is to continue being healthy and an example.
Post-Race DrinkWater and chocolate milk

I am a 48 year old athlete who has been working out and racing her whole life. I started out mountain bike and road racing and then in 2015 I made the decision to convert to triathlons. As of 2015 I have completed 2 sprint, 2 Olympic and 2 1/2 ironman distances( the most recent 1/2 being last Sunday the 21st) . I will attempt my first full Ironman in Tempe, Arizona on November 19th.
Currently I am racing for a personal cause and to hopefully provide some inspiration and motivation to others with a chronic disease. I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis earlier this year and though the symptoms of fatigue and heat intolerance can be limiting I continue to pursue my athletic dreams no matter the difficulty. My motto is to always "Believe in Yourself" and that truly "Anything is Possible" and to never give up.
Your nutrition has been a valuable asset to my training plan and race performance.
Thank you for my custom blend and your invaluable information and support as I continue my triathlon dream and journey no matter the obstacle.

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