Team INFINIT Performance

Perks & Guidelines

Applications for the 2020-2021, eighteen-month membership cycle open on June 10, 2020.

There will be no cost associated with applying for, or joining, Team INFINIT Performance in this unique extended membership cycle. If you are accepted during this cycle, you will be onboarded to the existing team during the 2020 season, and remain on the team through 2021. You will have access to all membership perks and discounts beginning at onboarding.

Even though spots on our team roster are limited, we encourage everyone to apply.


Criteria for Picking Team Members

  • Athletes picked for the team do not need to be the fastest or most elite athletes.
  • We are seeking members whom are supportive, motivated, fun-loving, and positive. 
  • We are seeking members that want to be involved with their teammates through our online community, and/or at team events around the country.
  • We only accept members who are at least 18 years old.


Membership Perks

Members will have access to perks as soon as they are onboarded. Note that the timeline of perks related to travel and in-person events will be dependent on the continually changing COVID-19 pandemic.

  • A 20% discount all purchases on the INFINIT website
  • Discounts on products from a long list of industry partners
  • Chances to win INFINIT Bucks through monthly team contests
  • Opportunities to win prizes from our industry partners
  • Invitation to an exclusive team summit full of group workouts, product education, tours, and a celebration at the INFINIT headquarters in Ohio.
  • Invitation to activities planned around both local and national events in 2020-2021. These are opportunities to meet other team members in person and race alongside them!
  • Private access to the team website where you will build your athlete profile, share your race schedule and results, write race recaps, shares photos, and interact with other members.
  • Private access to the team mobile app where you can communicate with other members, plan meetups, check the team calendar, submit challenges completions, share pictures, and more.
  • Private access to the team forum. This is the perfect place to seek encouragement, brag about your accomplishments, get inspired by your teammates, or just share a laugh with like-minded individuals!
  • Access to exclusive team gear. This includes cycling gear, running gear, casualwear and more.
  • Exclusive access to pro meet & greets and industry gear-talks throughout the year.
  • Inclusion on the short list of “product testers” for new INFINIT products.
  • Support from INFINIT Headquarters regarding personal events, charities, raffle donations, etc.


Team Guidelines

  • Train and race in the current Team INFINIT Performance gear. Members are expected to represent the team in their athletic endeavors. We understand that some of our members will have ties to other teams and clubs, but we still want our members to represent Team INFINIT Performance as much as possible. **As you are joining during a unique summer membership cycle, you will not have immediate access to buy team gear during onboarding. When the 2021 Team Gear Store opens this fall, members onboarded in June will be expected to make a purchase. We will have all types of new team gear available, and it is up to each member to determine how they will represent the team in their training and racing.
  • Attend a team event in 2020-2021. We strongly encourage our members to come to a team race and/or the team summit in Ohio. Current team races are listed on the Race Schedule tab. Note that team races may change depending on the COVID-19 pandemic. 2021 races will be announced in the annual Team INFINIT Performance Athlete Guide in January 2021.
  • Positively promote INFINIT Nutrition. As team members, you have been selected as an ambassador of the INFINIT brand. Members are expected to promote INFINIT Nutrition through social media posts and/or through interactions with your peers during personal training and racing.
  • Subscribe to INFINIT Nutrition accounts by like/follow. Engage with INFINIT Nutrition, post pictures, and use the hashtags #IamINFINIT and #TeamINFINIT.
  • Use the team website and team mobile app to stay updated and connected with other team members. Complete your athlete profile, keep your race schedule current, log race results, write race recaps, etc. The more our athletes share and engage with each other, the better we can promote everyone and brag on accomplishments!
  • Refrain from publicly promoting any products from conflicting nutritional companies. This is an exclusive nutrition partnership with INFINIT Nutrition.
  • Be respectful and responsible. Athletes chosen for Team INFINIT Performance are brand ambassadors and must behave accordingly. Any actions that may negatively affect the integrity of the INFINIT brand (i.e. doping) is cause for immediate and permanent termination of membership.

Team applications are now closed

If you are interested in staying informed on the next membership cycle, enter your name and email address below, or contact us at