Team INFINIT Performance

I Need a Compass!

 The White Mountains are famous for their relentless climbs, and this half Aquabike did not disappont. The swim was brisk, but solidly executed, and I was on the bike first in women's aquabike. Fueling for a half is still a thing I am learning to do, so while I knew I was racing conservatively, I was also steadily making gains on earlier waves. I was SO CLOSE to the end of the race and in between groups, thus had no idea where the course went, and when I asked a volunteer, I was directed in the wrong direction. Down a very very very long, steep hill. At the bottom, the road construction crew felt terrible about telling me I was off course, and had to turn around and climb the monster hill I had just gleefully descnded. I gave it a go to make up that lost time, but I ended up in second place overall. WOMP WOMP! Lessons were learned! And hopefully I do not have to repeat this lesson again!

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