Team INFINIT Performance

Itching to Race

 You know the feeling you get when you have been training hard, yet your races are still in the distance? You surf the web and see everyone's race results and then you second guess your race schedule? Yup. Me. I impulse registered for this event just a few days before its date. I just wanted to get a race under my belt for the season. 

I was NERVOUS as we treaded water for the in-water start that would take us around an island in the lake. The whistle blew, and MAN did the women in my field GO. I was seriously left in the dust. Like, I felt like I swam forever and ever and that it would never end. Out of the water, grab your bike, lose your visor and food and gloves and OH WOW this is why we practice race before our A races, huh?? 

There were a lot of first-race-of-the-year moments, but I did mangage to pull of the W for the overall aquabike division. WHEW!


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