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Mission Complete

August 13, 2019 - Great race! Great venue! Great Experience!

My wife and I worked hard at making the experience of this race a good one on more than one level.  Our plan was to gt there a few days ahead of time, so that we weren't rushed as we made final preparations for race day.  We have found that getting to the location a day or two earlier than we used to pays dividends.  Renting a house or at least a hotel room with a kitchen is a huge benefit.  We paid a lot of attention to what we ate those last few days before the race and tried to follow our fuel plans as directed.  We both felt that we nailed it as far as eating the Friday and Saturday before the race.

Race morning went well.  It helped to be just a few miles from transition, but getting up early enough to eat as prescribed was important.  We got lucky with the weather, or at least I did.  Weather in upstate New York in July is much nicer than the super hot weather in Kansas City.  The 15 degree temperature difference is a game changer for me.  Heat really takes it out of me.

Mirror Lake is a great location to swim.  The water is pretty clear and the temperature was perfect.  I loved the rolling start, but it was still the busiest swim I've taken part in.  Most of the 70.3s that I've done start about 3-4 swimmers at a time.  Here in LP, everyone just rolled in, so there was a lot more traffic to contend with.  Ultimately I was really happy with my time.  I finished better than expected.

The bike was challenging.  Definitely lots of climbing on the two lap course.  I continually, or tried to, maintain my thinking for the near term (5-minute increments) so that I did not go too hard on the first lap.  I felt good at the halfway point, and through most of the next lap.  However, as I neared the T2 I was really ready to get off the bike.  My time was around 7:00, depending on what divice I looked at.  This was slower than I wanted to go, but the hills defintely kept my speed down.  The goal was hitting the finish line though, not setting records on the bike (although 52mph downhill was pretty fast).

As I took off on the run I kept the strategy of walking through the aid stations and running in between them.  I have a tendancy to not fuel enough and face the repercussions as the race progresses.  With this strategy I flet i could force down a little more fuel than normal.  I held my pace for about 2/3 to 3/4 of the race before I started fading a bit.  I walked a little extra on the way back to town for my second lap, but ultimately hit the line at what I thought was a reasonalble time for my first race.

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