Team INFINIT Performance

Not competitive, stopped to help

August 27, 2019 - The race was going okay until I saw someone waving for me to stop. There was a girl on the ground who apparently hit a cat and went down hard. It was the fastest part of the bike. I stopped and helped the best I could.

She had hit her head when she crashed and all she kept saying was I have to finish, I have to finish.  She couldn't be talked out of continuing.  Finally a policeman showed up, I told him that she hit her head and won't stop trying to get on her bike.  He started talking to her and at that point I resumed my ride.  My race was over, but sometimes things are more important.  Anyway she continued the bike and ended up crashing again at the transition entry and broke her arm.  She the fought with the medical folks and tried to continue the race.  They finally stopped her but from what I heard it was quite a scene.

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