Team INFINIT Performance

This was acutally 1/4 iron distance race.

October 03, 2019 - 1/4 iron distance, longer bike and run than a normal Olympic distance race

This was a very strong race for me.

The swim was just a smooth cruise nothing exciting and it just felt smooth.

At 1 hour into the bike I was at just over 22 miles. I was working the bike hard, trying to stay around 230W. Didn't quite manage that but still set my best ever 1 hour power average of 225W. Since I averaged 21.9mph for 28 miles I am quite happy with that. Stupid hills at the end impacted my average!

On the run there were a few times I wanted to stop. At about halfway I was feeling like giving in to the temptation of easing up. This was definitely a mental thing as I felt I was running at a fast pace for me. But, I told myself that I would not stop unless I had a true physical reason like serious cramps of vomiting etc. Since none of that happened I kept going. My heart rate was right at 160 for most of the run. That was more or less my goal HR. At mile 5 my legs were getting muscularly tired and I felt my pace slow down some and my heart rate fell some too. I just couldn't get my legs to turn over anymore. Regardless I had my 3rd fastest ever 10k.

Being the day after the race, I can tell you I am quite sore, all of me is :-). I worked really hard and got a really good result.

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