Team INFINIT Performance

Hard Swim Harder Bike

October 08, 2019 - Whitecap water, many swimmers boated in, hot, windy, hilly ride

Race started with swimming over around and thru many swimmers from prior waves because the conditions were pretty rough. Many swimmers only made it to the first bouy and saw many holding on. Kayaks were getting a lot of work and the Park Ranger were bringing many in by boat. Granted it has been 40 years but as an ex college swimmer I am still pretty strong. Even I had a moment before heading out for the second loop of "do I really want to do this". Then i realized if i was questioning it then so was the competition. The bike was a t-shaped course aso two loops and unfortunetly only the top of the t was with the 25 mph winds. With all the water i consumed during the swim I really wanted to throw up around mile 18 (total 45 mile ride) The temps started to rise into the 90's and i was glad i packed an extra bottle of my Custom OLYBLEND on the bike. I needed every extra ounce of fluid. Results sound better than they are, by attrition i finished first in my age group.

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