Team INFINIT Performance

Ironman Louisville 2019

October 16, 2019 - Without the swim it was a different race!

So when everyone heard that the swim was cancelled it was with mixed emotions.  We have all experienced the anxiety of a wetsuit/non-wetsuit swim coming right down to the wire but this was different.  The water had been the topic of conversation late in the week but no one actually thought it would get cancelled!  As I headed into athlete registration the mood was somber and deflated!  very few people would actually admitt that they didn't want to swim and complete the full event,  but this was out of everyones control and therefore we moved on to the next step of figuring out a new strategy.  I count on the swim to get out in front of my competition and try to stay out in front for as long as I can.

The cold morning temps. really through a hitch in the plans of just slipping on the team trisuit and going.  Arm warmers, gloves and coats were the norm at the start line.  I choose a second jersey i.l.o. the coat and it seemed to work well.  I figured that without the swim to get out in front of the pack that I better go pretty hard right out of the gate.  Three bottles of Go-Far on me and three more at special needs.  I thought I was doing pretty well upon reaching Sp. needs, the first three bottles were pretty much gone and I took a leak and shed the extra jersey.  Not sweating too bad so I just continued doing what I was doing.  I was starting to realize late in the race that I wasn't drinking as much as normal but I was taking in as much as I could stomach.  In hind-sight I was not grabbing water bottles at every aid station and chugging and ditching the bottles.  This lead to not having a good solution in my stomach that was gion to be easy to process.  I exited the bike a little slower than normal (about ten minutes) and took one full bottle that was left on the bike into transition with me.  I thought that chugging it would get me right back on track.  My second mistake!

Out on the run course after a decent but not fast transition I was ready to settle into a comfortable pace and knock off some miles.  A quick stretch of the calves to get some cramps/knots ou of my musscles and I was back at it, but maybe a little slower than I had been.    Passing through the first couple of aid stations I thought I'd just give it the "quick" fix and drink some "G" Endurance to get my electrolytes back.  This I repeated for most of the first lap and It seemed to go by pretty well and I was feeling moderatly well.  My stomach was starting to tell me that things were going south on the second lap, I only drank water and only small amounts.  Stomach was cramping pretty badly by this point.  This is not common for me and I was starting to realize what was going on.  too much crap in there and it wasn't going anywhere!   Soon after the start of the third I was reduced to a very painful jog or a very painful walk, I didn't want either!  I decided that the best bet would be to through it all up and then start fresh,  who doesn't feel better after throughing up?   So that wasn't easy but I did it and it did help!  I moved on with water only and a slower run pace.  I was on the final lap so it was just a matter of making it around that course, back past transition and onto the finish.  I've had plenty of painful Ironman runs and this one wasn't any different!  I got it done and found the broth at the finish line tto be exactly what my stomach was needing.

Yay for another finish,  I'll need to remember to chase those bike bottles with water to keep thing lubricated! 


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