Team INFINIT Performance

Look for the BIG one!

October 22, 2019 - Started my morning with Mud Pumpkin Spice, then powered through the 3 hours on Custom Blend.

Sunny day for a gravel adventure, after all do we really call them races???  After months of great training with Nocturne, Mud and my Custom Blend I was ready for today.  First hour was a cruise at 18 mph plus average.  Well over anything I had ever achieved on gravel.  Then it happened, the BIG one!  A nondescript limestone chunk attacked my front wheel.  Or maybe I failed to see and ran over it.  Anyhoo my first thought after impact was "wow, that's lucky".  But 200 meters later my front was flat. I rolled to a stop and set about the repair.  Got rolling and somehow missed a turn, after wandering around to track back I was on course.  My Custom Blend kept me hydrated and energized throughout my 3:24 event.  Largest field this year of 221 entrants and I finished 118 with my loss of 20 minutes for flat and off course.  Good power and steady HR, my TSS was 222.  Garmin claims 3 day recovery.  Probably not thanks to Infinit!

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