Team INFINIT Performance

Long time coming

October 26, 2019 - A solid performance for my only real race this year...

Originally signed up for the Amsterdam marathon, but ultimately downgraded to the 1/2 marathon based on my current fitness and training program.

2019 has been a challenge for me...  The first half of the year was overloaded with work and work travel; for the first time in many years I let work get in the way of my personal fitness goals.  Much of my year has been defined as a "weekend warrior" training program with little consistency during the weeks.  The second half of the year did not get easier as my wife and I welcomed our second daughter into the world on August 8th!

Family came first and my training working out continued to only be on the weekends.  

The Amsterdam 1/2 marathon starts at 1:20pm and follows much of the same course as the full marathon.  There's narrow roads, trolly tracks, medians, and many turns to contend with.  For this race, with no expectations, I put my headphones in, turned up the volume and stayed in my own bubble.  Starting in the <1:40 corral I worked my way up to the 1:35  pace group and continued to push.  My legs burned and had some twinges throughout the race; I slowed my pace during the middle 4 miles to keep within myself and prepare for a strong final 5k.

The scenary of Amsterdam seemed to blur by on a cloudy, foggy day.  The final 2 miles through Vondel Park and the finish in the Amsterdam Olympic stadium are my only vivid memories from the race aside from the starting line.

I didn't receive official results, despite changing distances ahead of time, the race still showed me in the full.  My watch & GPS tracking showed that I averaged 6:41/mile for a 1:29:26 finish.  

This race coupled with an entry slot to the London Marathon has me reinvigorated for 2020!  I have a couple weeks to rest before starting a 16 week training program heading into races in March and April

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