Team INFINIT Performance

15K of Fun!

October 29, 2019 - The 42nd Annual Tulsa Run

The annual Tulsa Run is a large running event held every October in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  It is a great lead-up event to the Route 66 Marathon, on eof the RunnersWorld Top Ten marathons in the nation.  This event winds through areas of downtown Tulsa, through historic areas, and on the riverfront of Tulsa.  It offers different distances for all levels of runners, including an elite field.

We started off at 9am for the 15K.  I left with the 1:50 pacer, hoping to get ahead of them.  Wearing leggings, long sleeves and wind vest, I was prepared for the rain and cold that was forecasted.  It worked great for the first 5 miles, I was warm enough and keeping a good pace.  I was happy to see some vodka gummy bears at mile 5 as well!  I was so pleased how the race was working out for me, as I was running well with very few walk intervals. 

The sun came out after mile 6, and I quickly got hot.  Unfortunately, my pacers weren't staying on pace as their watches weren't syncing appropriately and they took off on the bridge during the last 2 miles.  I was okay with running on my own. I took a few more walk breaks, but I was definitely warmer than I would have liked.

I finished in 1:54, and while it's not a PR, I was pleased as it's a training race for my A race, the Route 66 Marathon.  So glad to have Infinit Nutrition on board!

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