Team INFINIT Performance

Hot and Humid half marathon

November 04, 2019 - First race back after a new baby and a month of being sick. A great reminder of how supportive and wonderful the endurance community is!

After some time off from adjusting to a new baby at home and a month of being sick and not able to train, I raced a local half marathon to see if I was going to be in condition to race Miami Man looming on the horizon.  The Treasure Coast endurance community is awesome and there was tons of positive energy and support out there on a very hot and humid morning for a race.  I was happy to complete the distance without completely falling apart due to lack of training the past month and feel like I'l be good to go for the upcoming Miami Man race.  I got a lot of questions on what I was taking in and how it was getting me through the race, so I was more than happy to chat with folks about how good Infinit is in the heat for a bigger guy with a high sweat rate like me!  15 min slower than my PR for this distance, so I'm feeling optimistic about coming back strong in the next few months.  Hope everyone is staying healthy out there!

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