Team INFINIT Performance

Indoor Triathlon - Dublin Ohio

January 05, 2020 - Still waiting on results, But here's how I see it, swimming was first and I gave it all I had. I heard someone say 30 seconds to go and I kicked off the wall and was swimming as fast as I could to touch the other side so they would count it. I got on the bike and peddled hard but wanted to save a little bit for the run. First of all I haven't ran on a treadmill for years ,so I started out to slow on the treadmill and waited to long to max's myself out. Swim 14 laps, bike 10.6 miles, run 2.7 miles. I did it and I feel Great! There's more to come and I'm getting better. I will update this when the results are in and add photo's.


I had a lot of fun doing this Triathlon, still not sure how I placed but I not worried about it. I finished strong and felt good after the race.