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November 26, 2017 - First Time IRONMAN

The Plan --   After completing Santa Cruz 70.3 in September 2016 the idea was to complete the LA Marathon in March 2017 and then Ironman Arizona in November 2017.   Since I had to sign up a year ahead of time this has been hanging over my head for a long time.  The LAM came in at 5:29, a little slower than I hoped, but it was my first and I thought that would be a target for the IMAZ run.   In July I started working with Adrian Valdivieso of Cloud 9 Endurance on a training plan and he was very good about answering all my questions and providing feedback throughout the process.   I asked for a 14:30 target race time, this seemed realistic.

The Training --  Training went very well, no injuries or setbacks and I shaved significant time off the Malibu Olympic Triathlon in September so I knew things were going in the right direction.   When I began the taper I started to experience significant pain in the lower back/glute.  I blame this on experimenting with a waistbottle carrier on long runs and not enough strength/core work.   So my taper consisted of a lot of stretching, planks, ELDOA stretching classes at Tri Fit gym, a couple massages and I even froze myself in cryo therapy.  I trained hard and viewed each training session as a small deposit into the race bank and I was getting ready for the biggest withdrawal of my life.  That kept me focused, no workout was to small, I knew they would all contribute to my goal,

Arizona --  We arrived in Arizona and I felt a lot more calm than I expected.  My body was healing and I spent a lot of time on the way up rolling on my plastic spike ball (which looks like a medevil torture device) along with my electro shock therapy gizmo.   I had a really nice 4 mile practice run on the Friday before the race.   On Saturday I drove the bike course which I always recommend and we were able to do a practice swim on course.   Friday I did my pasta carbo load and Saturday night I did my chicken sandwhich and chicken noodle soup.   

Race Day --   I slept suprisingly well and started my morning with the normal coffee, my Herbalife Shake and blueberry muffin.   I had trained with Infinit Nutriton and their product is an all in one, so you just drink a bottle an hour and need nothing else, no food, no salt tablets.   The plan was to have 7 bottles for the bike and 6 bottles for the run.  There is a bike specific blend (with Protein) and run specific blend.   The swim was self seeding.  I put myself with the 1:20 - 1:30 Group.   Before I knew it I was off.  Here goes nothing....  I went full wetsuit and felt at ease the entire swim.  I am comfortable in the water and found space.   I did take one shot to the lip from another swimmer, but it was an accident (i think).   Training in the Ocean and Pool made a calm lake swim seem relatively easy by comparison.  According to my Garmin Watch I swam about an extra 400 yards, but my pace was fine and I came in at 1:25.   Coming out of the water was my first experience with the wetsuit stripper and they aren't messing around, I laid back and it was off in a fraction of a second.   I lounged in transition a bit too long but wanted to make sure I had what I needed and was off.   The bike is 3 loops and going out of Tempe was very windy and a steady/slight incline.   At mile 6 a rider ahead of me and to my right rode straight into a pylon and wiped out.  We were not going very fast (maybe 14 MPH) and he almost took me out, but I was able to veer hard to the left and people behind me called it out so luckily when I made my move no one was there.   Making the first turn back to town was fun.  The wind at my back and downhill is my zone and I was able to make up a lot of time and finished the first loop at just over 2 hours.   My nutrition plan went well, I would grab some plain water for extra hydration and refueled at the bike special needs which was at mile 67.   Normally on a long ride there comes a point where I hate my bike, but this never happened.  I have to give a shout out to infinity bike seats, its a great product.  The plan on the bike was to stay at a 130-135 heart rate and I averaged 137 and came in at 6:25.   I felt ok about the time and knew I left a little on the bike to help with the run.  After finishing the bike I felt great, my biggest worry was a bike mechanical issue so I was relieved.  Once again I took my time in transition.   I had my spike ball in my run gear bag and all I had was a foot cramp and it worked well to help me roll it out.  I also cheated on Infinit Nutrition and took a hot shot anti cramping drink... The run has always been my weakest leg of the triathlon , but this is where I knew I had great support on the course with my parents and girlfriend.  I also knew I had a lot of friends tracking me and I did not want to let anyone down.  This is where I drew on all the friends I have trained with.   The run started suprisingly well.   The first 5 miles were strong, I was well ahead of pace, but keeping an eye on my heart rate.   I started to hit the wall at mile 7 and knew I would have to go to my run/walk.  I used 6 minutes run and 1 minute walk.   Mile 7-18 was tough but at this point I knew I would find a way to finish.  At Mile 9 I think I did tell Lena that I hate this and will never do it again (but I later blamed this on a hallucination) I found a run buddy the last few miles and was able to come in with a marathon time of 5:23 and overall time of 13:39.  Well ahead of what I expected in July 2017.   This was a special experience and I learned so much through the process.  Being an Ironman is something that can never be taken from me and for that I am very thankfull to everyone the supported me along the way.







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