Team INFINIT Performance

Heat of the Summer (in Winter)

January 16, 2020 - An abnormally hot and windy day led to a long race.

The frostbite 5k is named such because usually in January in Kentucky it is something south of freezing in mid January. Three years ago it was around 6 degrees, 2 years ago there was ice all over the place so they shortened it, and last year it was slushy after an overnight snow. So it was really weird that 2020 would be nearly 70 degrees and gusty 20+ mph winds. 

This race starts by having 2 significant climbs in the first 1.5 miles. Normally the temperature keeps me moderated as I push through the early climbs but the heat and wind made these climbs extra tough and I paid for the early effort I put out around mile 2. The last mile is relatively flat but the energy expenditure was too much early and had to bite the bullet and slow a bit to the finish. 

Overall I'm happy with the effort. Even normal weather conditions set me up for a much faster race (last year I was over 2:00 faster) and I am still building back up from a broken leg in September. All in all a solid effort and a good measuring stick for the upcoming year.

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