Team INFINIT Performance

Indoor Triathlon -Lebanon Countryside YMCA

January 20, 2020 - 20 min. swim, I did 16 laps, 40 min bike ride, I did 12.9 miles, 30 min run, I did 3.9 First place, and a lot of fun.

They did a very good job of putting this on. I called to talk to someone about signing up for the Triathlon 10-20-15 mins and she said they also had Elite Triathlon going on too and that was 20-40-30 mins.. I said, what! Cool i want in. So I signed up. The swim was first and I was nervous because 20 mins. is a long time for me with out stopping. My plan was to slow it down and don't stop swimming. We got done and I asked my counter how many did I do. She said, you did 16 laps and your in last place. Good, now off to the bike ride for 40 mins. I didnt know how I was doing compared to everyone else, but the guy beside me was peddling fast and thats the guy that beat everyone in the swim. I kept cranking up my watts and by the end of the time that was given I was standing up pushing out 325 watts. I felt every bit of it when I was trying to get off the bike and put my running shoes on. Drinking my Infinit Custom Blend while headed to the treadmill area for the 30 mins run. Its hard to tell how fast everyone is doing but it kind of looks like they are moving faster then I was. My last Indoor Triathlon I started to slow so this time I took off straight to level 8 and half way 20 mins in I was at 8.2. Then 4 mins to go and I had to slow down to 7.8, Then 1 min. to go 8.0, Then 20 sec. to go and  thats when I finally picked it up and took off to level 11.0. What a race! Nothing easy about giving it all. We all did good and I didn't know how I did until I was leaving.

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