Team INFINIT Performance

An Amazing Race

January 21, 2020 - This is an overview of my 1500 race at The Olympic Club in San Francisco.

Saturday's 1500 SCM was one for the record books! I swam my heart out in an awesome heat of swimmer friends from other teams, and dropped 2.5 MINUTES! My training with the #TACTitansMasters and with JP has really paid off, as have changes to my nutritional intake (no gluten, limited dairy, no onions). I felt strong in the water and, at the end of the race, thought, “hmmm... I could have gone harder!” I was focused on turning the water into a solid and on keeping my pace steady throughout the race (not taking it out too fast, as I have been known to do (haven’t all swimmers?!) I also had my eye on a friend, as I was determined not to let her beat me. In the end, she beat me by 8 seconds, but it was awesome to pace off her.

The mile is a mind game. It’s both a physical and a mental race. We have to build by 500 meter swims, and not engage our legs too early or we will get tired. Mentally, we have to prepare to swim 60 laps in x number of minutes knowing that the only interactions that we have are with the beautiful black line on the bottom of the pool, the wall and bulkhead, and with our counters (who will hopefully use the counters to signal us to pick up the pace or keep steady). I was focused on a few things: stroke technique, getting off each wall quickly, and keeping my eye on my friends. I was in shock when I looked at the score board and saw the 2.5 minute drop. I didn’t expect that, but I will take it without hesitation! What a fun swim!

My #Arena attire for the day was my camo #CarbonFlex tech suit, new #ArenaAir goggles, and my Titans team cap. #ARENAisFAST

I was fueled by Peet’s Coffee, #InfinitColdBrew, and #InfinitSpeed. For the first time ever while I was racing, I got hungry during the race. Well, I was hungry for a PR and for protein. That tells me that I need to add a protein powder to my pre-race regimen. That’s a task for tomorrow!

In all, I could not be happier with the meet, my PR, and with the fact that I swam with friends from all over the country. It was a perfect day celebrating each other, helping each other into and out of tech suits (there is NO modesty in swimming), and cheering each other. Of course, there is no setting better than the Olympic Club for this kind of event. It was awesome all around!

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