Team INFINIT Performance

Surf & Turf Half Marathon

Improving my time

Leading up to the half marathon, I felt my body is starting to hit it's stride finally.

All week long the weather guys said it was supposed to rain on Saturday morning so I was very bummed about that. Two days before the run, the weather guys said it won't rain till Saturday night. I was very excited. That morning of the race, it turned out to be 58 degrees with no wind. This was my first beach run ever so I wasn't sure what to expect. I LOVED IT. I use my infinit custom blend with my 2 Liter bladder. My body felt great throughout the race. I placed 1/3 with a time of 01:56:22 in my division.. My goal was to get under 2 hours with a negative split. Guess what. It happened. I had a half marathon in late December, and my time for that was 02:02:55. I was able to improve by 6 minutes overall.

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