Team INFINIT Performance

One City Marathon Review

March 02, 2020 - 13 min PR for the Marathon distance. 18 min course PR. 5th AG. Awesome day!

Crossed the finish line in 4:05:48 for a 13 min PR in the marathon distance!

The race was a little chilly at the start but overall the perfect running weather in mid 40s. I started out at a comfortable pace and planned to hit my marathon pace after the first 5k. My left calf cramped up tight at this point. I had to move to side to stretch and massage on the curb. All I could think at this point was that I wasn’t going to wimp out on the race, if there was a way, I was going to finish. 

Mind over matter became one of my mantras, along with “ you are strong,” “you are trained,” “ you’ve got this!” 

The rolling hills through the neighborhood were a killer on the calf but I made it to that finish line. I left nothing on the course this time! I couldn’t be prouder of my performance. 15 mins from my BQ but getting closer with every run. 


Great job!