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The best half marathon I've ever ran

March 04, 2020 - Race recap for the Cowtown Half Marathon (Fort Worth, TX)

A warmer than expected day on Sunday (temps in the 70s vs 34 degrees same race last year) and 20 mph winds made for an interesting race day. After a long week of triathlon training I was concerned about how well my legs would hold up especially coming off a century bike session the day before but by mile 3 I was feeling in fine form and was able to find a steady pace and settled in. Mile 9 posed a particularly fun challenge where we climbed what the locals call Jailhouse Hill which is about a 300ft gain over about a half mile – while tough, I was proud that I was able to run every step of it. Despite heavy legs and unexpected conditions I was able to finish a full 30 minutes quicker this year than last year to clock an official time of 2:18:33. Hard work pays off! Pic attached with medal and my training partner. Next stop will be Houston for Ironman Texas in April! 

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