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Santa Cruz Paddlefest-Cancelled

March 28, 2020 - The beginning of the cancellations...

This was one of my first competitions that cancelled, which created a wide range and timeline of emotions.  At first, I felt like it was an overly reactive decision to cancel the whole California trip.  Although I knew in my mind that it was the right decision, I still wasn’t happy about it at first.  Then a few days passed, the Bay Area went to “shelter in place”, and I felt reassured that it was the best decision.  Then a week later, it was very apparent.

Each day I think about what would have been happening, about the heats and the other paddlers.  Facebook fills my morning with memories of that last 5 years of competitions, so many memories to look back at and enjoy.  It's bittersweet, but I know that if we all do our part, we can get back to life soon with less repercussions to others.  Lessing the impact on those who cannot fight this battle as well as others is so important right now.

We are not in “shelter in place” but many things are closed.  We have self isolated since March 13th, with only a couple trips to go food shopping or to visit in town family.  Lots of paddling on the lake, which is my usual training grounds, although the longer paddles are really boring because it’s so many laps.  I have been trying to get creative with new routes. Lots of music and podcasts are helping too.

Patiently waiting for things to pass, but making the best out of the new situation.  The positive thing is that it will allow us to experience things that we would have normally missed due to our busy every day life.

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