Team INFINIT Performance

Virtual & Solo Double Blue Ridge Marathon

April 19, 2020 - Today so many things were not what they should have been ...... The Double Blue Ride marathon was cancelled, and time that I so looked forward to staying with Charlotte Powers, time with my #megsmiles family with many hugs, watching the sun rise in the mountains on the race course and many pictures while running with my amazing supportive friend Solomon MOrris Whitfield, having the amazing Leah Whitfield as support, etc, etc, etc.....were all cancelled too. What an amazing weekend of making memories we looked forward to. I agreed to and embarked on the bucket list journey by doing the race virtually, alone, and every prayer mile of it belonged to my friends. I'm not going to lie....this first time distance for me was very challenging and so incredibly hard with lots of laps and hill repeats. A huge thank you those whom texted to check on me (pre and post run ), and with words of encouragement and support...... and a huge thank you to my kids who called every couple hours and also drove to meet up with me a couple times to re-fill my Infinit via mobile aid station....our car. It got really tough after mile 30 and I slowed down quite a bit for the last 20 miles. #runblueridge #IamINFINIT #theinfinitloop #megsmiles

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