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June 09, 2020 - Back To Racing COVID Style-Do Indiana Off Road (DINO) Trail Run Series

Like finding toilet paper or hand sanitizer in the middle of a global pandemic, something even rarer is a 2020 race report.  

In my little part of the Midwest (Indiana), we've certainly been impacted by COVID 19.  However, our lack of population density & a proactive state government helped us flatten the curve sooner than most.  But we still have restrictions.  For this race:  No day of registration, face masks & social distancing at check in; no aid stations or post race refreshments; no award ceremony; staggered starts.

On to the race proper...Taking place in Brown County State Park (sometimes referred to as the Little Smokies), the race features mile long climbs on world class single track trails in a beautiful hardwood forest.  The morning dawns hot & humid.  The kind of air you can wear.  No PRs today.   Starting in the 1st wave of the 15K, I position myself near the back to let the fast folks do there thing.  The start is a steep mile long climb.  Knowing the course, I start conservatively & make some passes near the top.  The next 3 miles feature rolling single track until the "Aynes" climb.  At a approximately a mile, it features a number switchbacks, roots, & rocks.  What goes up must come down.  As I'm descending the other side of Aynes, I find the trail blocked.  A fellow competitor had tripped & appeared to have a concussion.  He was being attended to.  Asking if they needed help, we decided the best thing I could do was continue on to alert a course marshal (about a mile way,). After making it there, explaining the situation, & the runners location, my mojo was lost.  The last 1.5 miles was a matter of finishing versus racing (as I heard sirens in the background)!  As I go through the finishing chute, I see another runner collapsed & being attended to by EMTs.  Yes it was rough out there.  Still, I'm thankful & appreciative to race again!  Thanks Infinit for the support & getting me to the finish line in one piece!!

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