Team INFINIT Performance

First Open water race of the season

June 12, 2020 - Short post, on my first of a six series swim race.

First open water race of the season. Had been to 3 or 4 open water practice swims. All around 30 minutes. Definitely not my normal swim workout load. Temperature allowed for a wetsuit legal swim. Was hot out so opted for the no sleeve wetsuit. Conditions were calm. Race took place in the Schuylkill River so there was a definite current to deal with. Because of new guidelines is was a time trial start going on off in 7min intervals. Warmed up for 10 minutes prior to the race. When it was my time to go started out at a good pace. My left goggle filled up with water almost right away. Not slowing me much more of an annoyance. Time for a new pair of Roka's or maybe I will try the magic ones. Anyways held to a good pace. Turned at the first bouy and was swimming with the current for a long stretch. Turned at the next turn bouy and it was back against the current. When I saw I was getting close to the finish picked up the pace. Finished strong. Thought I may have placed better but there was apparently some good swimmers that showed up. Ended up coming in 7th place overall. Not sure how I would of placed in my age group. This is a six event series of 800 meter swims. So I look forward to trying to better my overall time at each one. Conditions permitting. Also hope to get more practice swims in soon. Need to get my training back on track for my upcoming races. This has been a difficult set of circumstances to navigate through. It's great having a team to keep sharing in the motivation!

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