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Now, I remember...

September 14, 2020 - It's been so long since my last race that I had largely forgotten how racing feels. Not anymore. For that privilege, I am grateful!

Every race I've signed up for (so far) has been canceled, so I was excited to learn things are still on in Indiana. This race was sold out, but the race director had a few extra chips and got me in!  I opted for the Sprint distance Duathlon. The Trine State Recreation Area was clean, and I was blown away by how well organized the event was from packet pickup to accurately marking a course with 5 turnarounds. Top shelf event management, and yet it maintained the grass roots feel. This one punches above its weight class. 

Despite not racing a Du in many years, I went with my old go-to race strategy- race each segment the best you can. The run went well for not really running since January due to a nagging hip injury. The bike course was hillier than I expected and the headwind reminded me that these things are hard. The ride back was much better, and I headed down the steep hill into the transition zone in 2nd overall. My calves were cramping early in the run, but I felt better as I went. Fueling on the bike paid dividends!  The paved paths and trail were well marked and I caught and passed the leader with about half a mile to the finish. 

Now that I remember how racing feels, I miss it even more!  I can't wait for the next one.

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