Team INFINIT Performance

Trinity Trail (TX) FKT Attempt

December 29, 2020 - FKT attempt on the Trinity Trail in Collin County Texas. Solid run and knocked 45 min off the previous FKT.

The Trinity Trail is an equestrial trail 22 miles long located on the US Army Corps of Engineers land on the west side of Lake Lavon in Collin County Texas north east of Dallas.  The trail can get very muddy and with rain in the forcast for later in the week, it was "now or never" to make a run at it.  I started at the south end of the trail running north.  I loaded up with Go Far before the run and carried a 16 oz water bottle with two scoops of Speed.  I was able to reload, top off water at two points along the run (Brockdale and Highland Park).  I started out on a good pace that put me within striking distance of sub 3 hours, but I went off course at one point and the endurance training over two hours was not there.  Completed the run in 3:11.

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