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Training Weather Dismal - You can Find the Weather Anywhere in the US

February 02, 2021 - Weather challenges during training is inevitable. The great thing about the US, I was able to travel to warmer weather for training when the cold front moved in.

The global pandemic had already wreaked havoc on my 2020 endurance race calendar. It took a few months to regain my composure and start fresh and anew. I found a few virtual races in SoFlo that I could do in my home town to keep my performance at a high level once in person racing restarted in 2021. I raced the following:

Rocktoberfest 10k Oct 10 (1:17:08)

Game On! Run Singer Island 10k the next week (1:15:16)

Game on! Treasure Coast International Duathlon Nov 15 (2:31:17), where I finished 2nd place

Naples Fall Classic 13.1 Nov 21 (2:38:37)

The weather was wonderful for racing and training. As December rolled around, the weather became a challenge. Plus, I am not a fan of the cold. I did not think I would be able to keep my streak going. I was sitting out runs so that I didn't have to go outside. I was not sure what I was going to do.

I knew exactly what I would do; train in SoFlo. The weather is mild during the winter months and the cost during the pandemic would be optimal. I spent 10 days a week before the race taking full advantage of my good fortune. I was faster, nimble, and stronger in the heat. I knew this would payoff for my run.

The day before my half marathon, I noticed the weather changed in Charleston on race day. The forecast called for sunny skies, but temps below 40* all day. In the spur of the moment, I changed plans, and ran the same day I arrived despite the cold front moving in. Nutrition, not weather, did me in once I reached mile 10. My run cadence slowed tremendously and I just wanted to finish. I completed the race in 2:44:02. Not my best, but decent.

While I made the change to train/race in warmer weather, I did not achieve the end results I hoped for. The decision to train in warmer weather was still a great idea. I stand by my decision to transition to a warmer climate when the need arise. It made me think how US athletes can travel throughout the country to areas that would help their training plans. We're not limited to our current location. In the future, I hope to make SoFlo my winter training site.


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