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Treadmill to the Rescue

In-Person racing is the traditional framework for most sporting events. The athlete (participants) must be present at event venues to qualify for official race times and ranking to validate they competed in the race. In the Covid world, virtual racing can be completed indoors as well as outside in nature.

I always register for this local event, but I have never participated on race day. Inclement weather, natural disasters, and other unforeseen conditions have been the cause for my absence. I was stoked this year to have another opportunity to join the crowd. The race was planned for both virtual and in-person involvement. I knew that I was not able to run in-person, and the virtual option allowed me run in my desired location. I planned my route, had my personal SAG team ready, and prepared my nutrition and outfit for race day. Well, the weekend weather was not working in anyone's favor (100% heavy rain in the forecast and day high was 45-degrees). It was bad all over the US. I always have multiple outfit choices, and I was determined that this weather would not stop me. 

Race Day. I had running in the rain, but with my SAG team, I could change my shoes when I got nutrition to keep my feet dry. Or that was the plan. The temperature did not get as high as forecasted, and the rain was heavier than I anticipated. I had a decision to make. I wanted to get an update from the event site to confirm the official race start time and discovered the entire event would be virtual. Game changer. This meant I could run indoors on a treadmill, stay warm and dry. I had to change my game plan. My SAG was reprieved (they were relieved), I modified my outfit, and moved my nutrition into disposable containers.

In this pandemic era, it's a great thing when events provide options for athletes to continue racing. Everyone had to get accustomed to this new environment. I am amazed how event coordinators and athletes are rolling with the punches. It's been fun, and I look forward to my next event.

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