Team INFINIT Performance

Frozen Hare 2 Triathlon

February 17, 2021 - Signed up for an Olympic Distance winter triathlon. With French Creek Racing. Was a 25 meter heated outdoor pool. Decided to do the bike first to try to beat the storm that was coming in. Six miles into the bike it started raining. I was praying it wouldn’t freeze or switch to snow. Had a 22 mile bike loop that I had never rode before with 2,000 feet of climbing. Almost done the bike leg and my brakes were not responding in the rear. Found a build up of ice covering the caliper had to knock off the ice to regain break functioning. Got done the bike with an average pace just under 15mph which ended up costing me the difference between first and second place overall. The swim went great had a good swim time of just under thirty mins. And was warm water with ice sleeting on my head and back. Got out of the pool and the cold outside temperature made my legs cramp up instantly. Warmed up in a heated tent then went to change. By the time the run went down it was a steady rain. I didn’t bother looking at my pace went off perceived effort and mostly just wanted to not slip on the ice or wet roads. Run went well at like a 7:15/7:20 / mile. All in all I had fun. Was a great workout. And challenging conditions. Very happy to not push the pace risking injury on icy roads. Live to race again another day :)

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