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Try Tri again

Inclement weather cancelled the race, but it did not stop me from doing it virtually the next week

I looked forward to racing in Jax that weekend. The warm weather and flat course was my cup of tea. I arrived a day prior to race day to scope out the area and get a feel for the course. In my head this was going to be great, if the weather held up. The forecast did not look great. One hundred percent chance of rain starting at 7 AM. Race start time 6:45 AM. Fingers crossed.

Next morning, I arrived early, set up my area, and watched as all the participants and their families arrived. The event host were wonderful. There was the feeling of something familiar, and I was happy. Even if it rained, I hope it happened after the bike course. Race instructions were given, the national anthem concluded, and energy was high. There was still hope until it wasn't. Light showers came down, and racers headed towards the swim start. Then it happened: lightning flashed. Per the USAT rules, you have to postpone the swim start 45 minutes after the lightning strikes. Needless to say it did not stop, and I packed my stuff in the truck to retreat back home for a six hour trek.

While I was disappointed, I was determined not to waste all my training. I talked to my coach, and we arranged my scheduled for me to perform the race the next weekend. It was my best bike time, and I felt so strong during my 10k run. I was not able to race in person with my fellow athletes, but I know when the next event comes around the corner, I'll be ready.

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