Team INFINIT Performance

First Ever Attempt of Crank the Kanc TT

May 17, 2021 - Bluebird skies, light/moderate head winds, mentally and physically felt great!

The day started early with a departure time of 6am.  Started the day with a english muffin with butter and peanut butter and my custome prerace Infinit blend.  We arrived at the race start around 7:30am.  We unloaded and begin race preperations.  My start time was 9:43am.  Heading into this race, I had never done a TT race so I wasnt sure what to expect.  Nerves were high, but my teammates from Granite State Endurance Project kept my head in the right place.  I loaded up my 2 infinit bike blends water and head to the start line where I could do a few minute warm up.  Legs flet good and off I went at 9:43am.  The race starts out with a mostly false flat first half of the race then climbs to a total evelation gain of over 2,300 feet.  Legs were feeling great so I kept a hard pace and stayed in aero to help avoid the headwinds.  The real climbing begins in the last 4 miles so I was a little hesitant to really push it with not knowing what to expect coming up.  I had a goal time in my head of 90 minutes.  Got to the last 4 miles and the climbing began.  I know I was in reach of my goal time so I kept trying to chug along.  I finished with a time of 1:31:46 and was super happy with that!  I felt amazing at the finishline!  I am looking forward to returning to this race next year!

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