Team INFINIT Performance

Fun in the Trees

May 24, 2021 - First time at this race and on these trails but it was fun. Finished 6th out of 13.

So, this was the first time I was attending this race.  It seemed liek it would be a ling day based on the lack of trainign I have put in.  We showed up race morning all ready to do as many laps as we oculd in 6 hours.  It was an 11 mile loop and yuo just rode until itime was up.

I had a race plan and nutritionplan all ready to go, it lasted all of half a lap.  We started the race in a mass start at the bottom of a large hill to thin the pack out.  I get to the trail head mid pack and hit the trail.  The trails were a lot more fun than I had heard they would be so I threw caution to the wind.  The middle few miles of the loop were tighter with creek crossings then the last few miles were wide open again.  All was going well until I got to the middle of the first lap and my Camelbak broke.  It would eork but leaked really badly.  I ended up with a lot of Infinit all over me..not fun.  Luckily I had water bottles pre mixed to fill the Camelbak so I went with bottles for the next three laps.

I had fun on teh second adn third lap but then on lap 4 fatigue far outweihed any skill and we called it after that lap.  I ended up 6th out of 13 in my category and had not lost any skin on the trai.  I loaded up and caonsideredit a good day.

I used 4 bottles of my endurance formula and it worked great, no issues with cramps, energy or anything else.  We'll g back next year with better fitness.

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