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Don't worry about things you can't control

May 29, 2021 - don't worry about things that are out of your control. Worrying about things like weather, wind, what's the water temperature, is just wasted energy. Oh, and racing watchless is a blast!

This was supposed be an Oly distance Tri...Well, Mother Nature didn't get the memo.  Weather caused the race directors to shorten the race to a sprint duathlon.  They had a window of opportunity to try and get everyone off and finished before the next round of storms rolled in.  Kudos to the Race Directors for adapting to the conditions.  I'm sure many have not raced since 2019 or at all, so they did their best to get a race off.

You show up race morning expecting to swim, bike and run.  We only biked and ran.  My coach said red line it and let's see what happens.  He also said leave the the watches and computers in the car, just let it rip.  Feed off of what your body tells you.  I'm sure there are a few reading this that are like you raced without your Garmin?  Yep!  And it was so liberating.  We get sooooooo wrapped up in what a computer tells us, when the best computer is your body.  Listen to it, and feed off of it.  

To be honest, I wasn't upset at all about the change of the race.  I can't control it, so why get all worked up about it?  No sense in bitching and moaning about things you can't control.  Just be thankful we're racing again and back to normal and have fun!!!

So, I took my coach's advice.  Let it rip the entire time, except for the opening run.  My opening run split was still faster than I expected.  Dropped the hammer on the bike, just let it fgo and set a new 5K PR on the back-end, absolutely blowing up my previous PR.  Haven't ran that pace since high school!  I did have my bottle of Infinit on the bike :) 

Overall fun times and learned a lot about myself in such a short race.  Maybe another duathlon is in my future?

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