Team INFINIT Performance

First race of the season

June 10, 2021 -

Great race to start off the season.  I acutally grew up in Roanoke and was excited to get to race in my home town.  I thought race was very well organized for the inaugral event.  


Swim: Beautiful venue, just unfortuante to be 30-45 minutes away from T2.  This made for a really early wake up and anxiety about prerace nutrition.  I though the organizer did a fantastic job getting everyone there without problems

Bike: Unreal view, but a lot more climibng than I expected.  I hope they improve some of the aid stations for next year.  Would have been nice to have one station prior to the big climb to fill up water bottles or gain some extra hydration considierng the unusual heat.

Run: Flat but well exicuted after the hilly ride.  I hope they can expand it to see a bit of the surrouding neighborhoods next year.

I really have to thank infinit during this race.  THis was my first race using custom forumlas and I had zero issues with cramps or low fuel.  

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